Because our job is not done yet. In developing countries, there are millions of children who do not awake to a better tomorrow. There are millions of children deprived of basic fundamentals like clean clothes and footwear, and a comfortable place to sleep.

A donation of $35.00 gives a child an unprecedented feeling of hope for the future. A bedkit provides a child with the means to go on thriving and the promise that the world holds a brighter future. 


Our Bedkits provide a child with the basic necessities for sleep. This transforms the life of that child and these tools have a lasting effect on the entire family.

We are a 100% charity. Every dollar donated goes directly into the manufacturing of bedkits for children.  Administrative costs are covered by the interest earned from a legacy account.  We are proud to say we have raised more than 40 million dollars with 100% dedicated to the children. Not a lot of charities have such bragging rights.   

Your donation spurs local economic development and ultimately enlightens and inspires the soul of a child. 


As part of your donation, every child is photographed with their bedkit displaying the donor's name/country (or special occasion message) on a label.

Each photograph is mailed to the original donor or gift recipient, providing a timeless way to remember the child who so greatly benefitted from their generosity.

  • Income Tax Receipts for bedkit donations are emailed within one week if the donation was made online, or mailed as quickly as possible if by post.

  • Acknowledgement cards for special occasion donations are sent as soon as possible.

  • Pictures of your bedkit recipients are mailed within 4 to 6 months.

  • For special occasion donations, specify the occasion and the name/address of the gift recipient.

  • If you wish, specify custom wording for labels and/or specify the name/address for pictures to be mailed elsewhere.

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