Why volunteer for Sleeping Children?

Volunteerism takes on a new definition at Sleeping Children, because it means more than just giving back. We believe our volunteers get a lot more than they give; they actually nourish their own humanity.  That's a pretty bold statement, but that's what our volunteers tell us each and every day.

At Sleeping Children we have three distinct kinds of volunteers required to mount a global initiative such as ours.  Our more than 2000 volunteers are from all over the world.  Please read the following descriptions and click the link below to fill out a registration page to volunteer.  Hope to see you soon!  


Volunteers in the country of distribution select children with the greatest need, organize the manufacturing of bedkits, choose distribution sites and help travelling volunteers distribute bedkits.

The majority of our overseas volunteers are service clubs, such as Rotary, and other community-based organizations.


Every year, hundreds of trained volunteers of all ages travel overseas, paying their own way to ensure the delivery of bedkits.

Volunteers have a number of duties while travelling, including:

  • Distribution of bedkits
  • Ensuring quality and appropriateness of bedkit items
  • Visiting factories and cottage industries where bedkit items are manufactured
  • Interviewing parents, children and caregivers to ensure the bedkits are meeting the needs of the children
  • Visiting recipients' homes to better understand their needs
  • Examining financial records of the bedkit items
  • Taking photos of the children receiving a bedkit. The photos are later sent to the donor



There are opportunities for administrative volunteer involvement at the Sleeping Children Around the World office, which is located in the west end of Toronto in the Islington / Rathburn area.  Please contact Linda via email or phone (contact information at bottom of this page) to learn about administrative roles or to arrange a visit. 





"The Rotary as a service organization is always delighted to serve the poor. By joining Sleeping Children and volunteering in organizing the distribution of bedkit parcels including clothing and school items to the poor children of our country. Helping those that the war affected and the less fortunate gives us a great sense of satisfaction. The SCAW bedkits distributed are valued by these children and their parents, as it uplifts them both in health and economy.  The smiling faces and the joy expressed at the distribution are a true testimony how worthwhile the SCAW programme is to our children."

- Panini Adhihetti


"The SCAW distributions serve the poor children who are truly deserving in far, remote areas. The bedkit items are most welcomed by the children and make them feel as though they are being looked after by society. This will help motivate them to become good citizens when they grow up, and to help poor children in return. A SCAW distribution is not a once-and-for-all event. It is an event that annually benefits thousands of children in all parts of Sri Lanka."

Sarath Gunawardena


"We as the Rotary Club of Kelaniya are always engaged in community service work, mainly in water and sanitation. But SCAW is quite different to what we do, which is why we dedicate our service to SCAW distribution and enjoy every bit working with the Canadian team. They work with a lot of love and affection to our poor children in our country from all communities. My humble blessings to all the donors in Canada who have made SCAW a success." 

- Varuni & Sidney Cabraal


"I was one of the fortunate Kelaniya Rotary Club members who were fortunate enough to participate from very beginning of our first SCAW distribution in 2002.

It has paved the way for me to meet very important and kindhearted people all the way from Canada. I have no hesitation to say I not only have enjoyed myself, but my wife Sandya has taken pleasure in joining SCAW distributions too. I take this opportunity to thank Sleeping Children Around the work, and wish all them the very best in their future efforts."  


- Sandya & Daya De Costa


To receive a brochure in an alternate language, send us an email at info@scaw.org.