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March 1, 2010 - February 28, 2011


“Change is in the Air”

People are the strength of SCAW. It is interesting how a shift in one major cog in the wheel can lead to a number of changes. Coincidently, based on discussions being held related to our Strategic Plan initiative we had identified “change” and “sustainability” as major challenges that SCAW would face in the future.

Early in 2010 we came face to face with these challenges.

Clarence Deyoung, one of our directors and a leader in many aspects of SCAW’s life decided that it was time to focus more of his time on his family and the move that his family was making back to its roots in Antigonish.

What followed was a planned process of changed roles with all of our folks putting the welfare of SCAW above their own convenience. Clarence took a thorough, active role in mentoring those assuming his roles.

We are still involved in this process. During the course of this past year we have had a number of retirements and a number of new volunteers have joined the team. What we have discovered is that when voids occur there are good people ready to step forward. We have also learned that when thinking about “sustainability” it is important to bring in more volunteers to “share the load”.

2010 was SCAW’s 40th Anniversary and we celebrated on October 2nd with over 170 friends of SCAW in attendance at Humber Valley United Church. The timing was perfect. The event helped to remind us of the past and focus us on the future…a very bright future.

Our committees with their devoted members continue to provide a solid foundation and sense of direction for SCAW’s day-to-day operations.


(Meetings, May 7, 2010, October 1 and Jan.14, 2011)
CHAIR: Laura Harper

It is at the Executive Committee meetings that all of SCAW’s other committees report/seek input and then carry out the “Actions” that are agreed upon.

A portion of these Executive Committee meetings was allotted to the discussion and finalization of the Strategic Plan. This Plan was completed and sent to the Board for approval, direction, implementation and ongoing review.

The Executive Committee was used as a forum to discuss Policy initiatives/changes related to SCAW’s distributions. A variety of draft policies (Medical Health Form, Legal Release Form….) were discussed and sent forward to the Board. Under this umbrella of the Executive Committee the following “Actions” were initiated/implemented by the other individual committees.

Under this umbrella of the Executive Committee the following “Actions” were initiated/implemented by the other individual committees.


CHAIR: Duncan Macgregor (Duncan passed on the reins as “Chair” of this committee to Committee member Grant Clark)

  • Trademarks now registered, “SCAW, the 100% Charity” and “Sleeping Children Around the World, the 100% Charity”
  • 2 new lapel pins
  • Corporate connections/partnerships with Consonant and Arjo Huntleigh
  • Book on Murray Dryden’s life (With God Nothing is Impossible) being distributed
  • Identifying Media Volunteer(s) on each distribution team
  • Focus on consistency of all messages on the story of SCAW
  • The 40th Anniversary Celebration
  • Increased media exposure with assistance from Tamara and Kelly of Maverick PR
  • Grant Clark makes the final 40 in CBC’s “Champions of Change”
  • Information Leaflet is now available in Spanish
  • The 2011 SCAW Calendar
  • Ongoing initiatives within the Foundations and Grants Group to connect SCAW with these organizations
  • Continued to be the contact point and a resource for The Pinehurst Club.


The Pinehurst Club held its second annual breakfast at the Royal York Hotel on May 5 2010.

  • Over $120,000.00 was donated to SCAW’s Legacy Account
  • Christine Magee was the speaker
  • Paul Might was the recipient of The Pinehurst Award


CHAIR: Bob Barclay

  • Initiated the Annual Audit of SCAW
  • John Martin resigned as a Finance Committee member but stayed as Pinehurst Club member.
  • Joseph Shaw joined the Finance Committee and will oversee the investment portfolio as was done in the past by Paul Might.
  • Kevin McAdams and Nancy Vince joined the Finance Committee
  • Monitored the donations received and advised the Board regarding the number of bedkits that could be distributed.
  • Kept the Board informed as to the monies available from the Legacy Account used to pay SCAW’s administrative expenses.
  • Confirmed SCAW’s Investment Policy with the Legacy Account: a 10 year bond laddering strategy
  • Started the process to initiate Pre-authorized debit donations
  • Saw the number of online donations continue to increase (30% of all donations)
  • Initiated and managed the successful establishment of SCAW USA.

As of February 28, 2011 the financial picture for the 2010/2011 fiscal year was:

  • Bedkit Donations: $2,240,000.00 (down slightly)
  • December Bedkit Donations: $830,000.00 (up slightly)
  • Pinehurst Club Donations: $128,000.00
  • Bedkits Funded: 70,500
  • Countries of Distribution: Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Togo, Zimbabwe and Nicaragua.


CHAIR: Clarence Deyoung (During the year Richard and Joan Hryniw assumed the duties of Chair and Secretary of the Distribution Committee)

A new group was created to deal with more sensitive/confidential/urgent situations related to personnel and specific distribution issues. This was called The Core Group.

The Distribution Committee had oversight over 5 distinct sections: Evaluation of Each Distribution, Team Leaders, New Countries for Distributions, Making the Teams, Mosquito Net Research.

The leaders of these sections became:

  • Evaluation of each Distribution: Duncan Macgregor (for India, Nicaragua and Honduras), Dave Dryden (for Africa, the Philippines and Bangladesh)
  • Team Leaders: Ted Swanston
  • New Countries for Distributions: Richard and Joan Hryniw
  • Making the Teams: Laura Harper
  • Mosquito Net Research: Clarence Deyoung

The Distribution Committee

  • Held 2 Information Sessions for new traveling volunteers (there are 60 new volunteers on the waiting list)
  • Held a Team Leaders’ Meeting
  • Held a Team Members’ Get-Together at Pinehurst.
  • Continued research into the usefulness of LLIN mosquito nets in all of our distributions
  • Developed a new Parent Interview Form
  • Selected and assigned a number of new Team Leaders
  • Provided input to Sheridan students for their practicum on SCAW’s process for selecting volunteers for distributions
  • Was pleased to report that the 2011 distribution to Chennai marked the 25th Anniversary of SCAW and the Rotary Club of Ambattur
  • Referred issues dealing with personnel, cancelling distributions, to the Core Group


  • Monitored the Sri Lanka situation and decided to deliver 4000 bedkits in July 2011
  • Monitored the political situation in Zimbabwe until a decision is made about the 2011 distribution
  • Monitoring the Mumbai leadership situation as to whether or not to return in 2012



Linda continues to be the “centre of the wheel” in all that goes on with SCAW. The following items/events fell under her supervision this year:

  • Organized the Annual Spring Fling for the House Volunteers
  • Trained a number of new volunteers for “28”
  • Established/constructed a fireproof/secure saferoom in the basement for all crucial SCAW documents
  • Provided input to Sheridan College students on their practicum related to SCAW’s donation process
  • Managed the majority of the equipment and forms related to the team Leaders and the distribution teams
  • Coordinated with Maurice Kowanetz (Computer Program) and Milton van der Veen (Website and Photos)


Maurice Kowanetz

  • A new on-line shopping cart has been developed, with the goal to test and make available to donors as part of the SCAW web site before the Christmas 2011 season. The new on-line shopping cart will make it easier for donors to donate bedkits, purchase cards/calendars/books, and see their previous on-line donations.
  • Small changes continue to be made to the SCAW donation program to keep it current, including a revised bedkit analysis section giving more flexibility to see donation trends over the years.
  • Finally, the office technology (computers, printers, etc) continue to serve SCAW well, although there is a requirement for a faster printer in order to more accurately count distribution labels by only printing them a week or 2 before a distribution.


WEBMASTER: Milton van der Veen

The SCAW website is being constantly changed/modified/updated as Milton willingly accepts requests from our Executive Director and the standing committees for new initiatives or enhancements to existing content. Specifically:

  • Making the online donation process easier for the donor
  • Adjusting the look of the Home Page to match with current initiatives
  • Updating The Policy Manual
  • Showcasing upcoming events on the Home Page
  • Introduce strategies to improve everyone’s ability to find and store email communications (e.g. one topic/email thread)

Milton’s involvement extends well beyond the website. His ongoing tasks include:

  • Preparing the SCAW laptops for each team leader
  • Coaching the team leader in the use of the laptop
  • Downloading the photos and reports from the SCAW laptops when they are returned following the distribution
  • Preparing the bedkit photo CDs to be developed by Loblaws
  • Monitoring the SCAW cameras
  • Managing the process of preparing the Trip Reports for publication
  • Managing of the SCAW Information Leaflet (now in English, French and Spanish)

During this current year Milton has added refinements to all of the above tasks.

THE OFFICE (28 Pinehurst Crescent)

Due to water again in the basement the patio area was removed, totally landscaped and the window well raised….so far so good!

Our house volunteers with the assistance of the volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have kept the house and property very tidy and presentable.


CHAIR: Dave Dryden

There were significant changes this past year in our Board’s membership. Duncan Macgregor, Maurice Kowanetz and Richard Hryniw were asked to join the Board as Directors. Clarence Deyoung and Ken Graham, after many years’ involvement with SCAW, retired as Directors.

  • SCAW received the Kiwanis World Service Medal and $10,000.00


The ability to change is not limited by age, if there is a need for change and a purpose …….passion trumps age.

Thanks to all of you “young at heart” volunteers!


Submitted by Dave Dryden, Chair
SCAW Board of Directors
March, 2011

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