Sleeping Children Around the World | Annual Report
March 1, 2009 - February 28, 2010

This has been a year of “Reflection, Celebration and Imagination”. A dream has been realized with the one-millionth child receiving a bedkit. As we have celebrated this milestone we have taken this opportunity to remember and thank those that have made Murray and Margaret’s dream possible.

But, we know that this first step that took 39 years to accomplish is only the beginning as there is so much more that needs to be done.

Over this past year and using “Our heads and our hearts” we have begun to imagine the future of Sleeping Children by initiating and working through a Strategic Plan. Four main “Pillars” have been identified:

  • Donations
  • Distributions
  • Administration
  • Sustainability

This process is not yet completed but it is well on its way.

All of this has been happening within a very volatile economy.

Taking all into account, “This has been a great year for Sleeping Children!”

The Millionth Bedkit was celebrated worldwide. There was a concerted effort to say, “Thank you” to the literally hundreds of people who had made it possible. It was important that all of our Overseas Volunteers understood the significance of their efforts in achieving this goal. For that reason all of the children receiving bedkits this year were considered the “one millionth child”. Every child and every bedkit was special.

There was great satisfaction in the successful completion of the special Spiti Valley (Northern India, high in the Himalayas) distribution. The uniqueness: only 380 bedkits, each costing $76.60 and given to students between the ages of 4 to 16 demonstrated that the organization could think “out of the box” while still adhering to its Core Values. Congratulations to the team of Clarence Deyoung (Team Leader), Laura Harper and Milton van der Veen for a job well done.

We understand that we want to grow so that we can help more children. Even as we continue our very frugal ways we know that this growth will lead to an increase in administrative expenses. In last year’s Annual Report we reported that The Pinehurst Club had been formed and would be hosting a breakfast event focusing on the business community with the purpose of raising funds for the Legacy Account. It is the interest gained from this account that pays SCAW’s administrative costs.

We are pleased to report that the inaugural Pinehurst Club Breakfast held on April 29, 2009 was a complete success. $91,776.00 was added to our Legacy Account and as a bonus, the over 500 people in attendance donated $12,285.00 for the purchase of bedkits. The “buzz” created by an event like this accomplishes a great deal in spreading the word about Sleeping Children in the corporate community. Planning for The Pinehurst Club Breakfast, May 5, 2010 is already well underway.

The dynamic nature of the year was evident within Sleeping Children’s committee membership. While the Dream Team grew in size due to its merger with the Communications Committee, the Finance, Distribution and Executive Committees all benefited from the addition of new members.

It is these committees and the dedicated people making up these committees that are a real strength of Sleeping Children. In putting together this annual report I rely heavily on the “Minutes” kept by each of the committees. During this year just one of these committees, The Executive Committee recorded 28 pages of “Minutes” (typed and in a small font!). The complexity of this decision-making/implementation component is amazing. Thank goodness for our talented and dedicated volunteers!

As of February 28, 2010 the financial picture for the 2009/2010 fiscal year was:

  • Bedkit Donations: $2,394,000.00 (up 11% over prior year)
  • December Bedkit Donations: $744,362.00 (up 5% over prior year)
  • Pinehurst Club Donations: $91,776.00
  • Bedkits Funded: $70,500
  • Countries of Distribution: Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Togo and Nicaragua.


(Meetings, May 1, 2009; July 24, Nov. 20, and Jan.29, 2010)
CHAIR: Laura Harper

The Executive Committee provided the venue for our Strategic Plan discussions. By starting our meetings at 8:00AM we could have 3-4 hours of structured conversation led by Jeff Blackburn. Working from a template suggested by Jeff we systematically worked through the process of discussion and feedback both from within the committee and from a comprehensive list of our stakeholders.

The Executive Committee is made up of all of the committee Chairs and includes all 5 members of the Board. Within this format the committee chairs update the Executive Committee on their various initiatives and solicit input/advice. The fact that the Board of Directors are all present means that they are actively involved and well informed enabling them to minimize the time required for discussion at the Board Meeting that typically follows the next day. The Chairs of all of the other committees are also kept totally in the loop by being members of the Executive Committee. This continues to work well to ensure the consistency of our internal and external communications.

Under this umbrella of the Executive Committee the following “Actions” were initiated/implemented by the other individual committees.


CHAIR: Duncan Macgregor

  • Increased in size and responsibility by bring in members of the Communications Committee. This now means that both internal and external communications fall under the sphere of the Dream Team.
  • Continued to refine their initiatives in Foundations and Grants as well as Planned Giving.
  • Provided the initial organizational structure for the Pinehurst Club while a subcommittee was being formed.
  • Suggested that Peter Newton and Champion Photochemical be chosen as the first recipients of the Pinehurst Club Award
  • Developed, with Grant Clark and Tamara Kastolovich (Maverick PR) a Media Resource Kit.
  • Fostered a partnership with Consonant, an organic cosmetic company seeking to donate the proceeds of one of its products to SCAW.


CHAIR: Ted Swanston until Nov.20, 2009 when Bob Barclay was confirmed by the Board as the new Chair.

  • Reopened discussions about the advisability and practicality of Sleeping Children applying for a US charitable number.
  • Paul Might retires (a long term member and past Chair of the Finance committee who monitored all Legacy Account transactions)
  • Initiated the Annual Audit of SCAW and reported back to the Board that the auditor did not express any concerns but did recommend that invoices and statements be filed monthly in binders.
  • Monitored the donations received and advised the Board regarding the number of bedkits that could be distributed.
  • Kept the Board informed as to the monies available from the Legacy Account used to pay SCAW’s administrative expenses.
  • Applied for and received rebates of over $7,000.00 on GST payments.


MERGED: With the Dream Team


CHAIR: Clarence Deyoung

  • Held 2 Information Sessions for new traveling volunteers
  • Held 2 Team Leaders’ Meetings
  • Held a Team Members’ Get-Together at Pinehurst.
  • Postponed the Honduras 2009 distribution until the political situation there is resolved.
  • Recommended and conducted a special distribution of 4000 bedkits to the Philippines.
  • Confirmed the partnership with a new Overseas Volunteer Organization, The Rotary Club of Harare Zimbabwe. The first distribution of 4000 bedkits to be held in July 2010.
  • Recommended that SCAW cease its relationship with Mr. Hadi and the Lions Club of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Continued research into the usefulness of LLIN mosquito nets in all of our distributions
  • Recommended the adoption of a specific “Photographic Policy” related to bedkit photos.



Linda is the “centre of the wheel” in all that goes on with SCAW. In a year that was very trying for her personally she still provided the stability and spark for all of us; a truly remarkable woman.

Linda has been working with the Board to limit her workload that has been increasing as SCAW continues to grow in its donations. As well as all of the tasks associated with donors, donations, receipts, photos, newsletters, queries by mail, email and phone etc. etc. etc……… the following items/events fell under her supervision this year:

  • Organized the Annual Spring Fling for the House Volunteers
  • Managed all of the equipment related to the team Leaders and the distribution teams
  • Coordinated with Maurice Kowantetz (Computer Program) and Milton van der Veen (Website and Photos)


WEBMASTER: Milton van der Veen

The SCAW website continues its evolution under Milton’s conscientious and creative eyes. Not only is it a gateway for our increasingly large donor base but also it is now becoming the library site for our photos, documents and policies. Instead of using reams of paper as we adjust and modify our policies and procedures we now do this digitally with everything up-to-date and accessible on the website. Milton is also adding a number of documents to the Team Leader’s laptop so that the documents that they must submit related to the distribution are easily accessible.


Linda and the House Volunteers continue to find creative ways to maximize the space within the house. The property itself has been maintained to the standard of neighbouring properties through the diligent work of the House Committee.


CHAIR: Dave Dryden

This has been a year where the Board has had full opportunity to look at “The Big Picture” in relation to SCAW. The Strategic Plan process that we have been involved in has reminded us of our history, required that we look carefully at how we are doing things today and propel us into the future to consider where we are going and how we are going to get there. It has been and continues to be a fascinating process that we will see in place later in 2010.

As I mentioned earlier in this report 2009/10 has been a “Thank You “ year. What I have observed when passing out my thanks to many deserving volunteers is that my thanks are always accepted humbly and sincerely. But, there is usually an added comment something to the effect that, ”You don’t need to thank me, I should be thanking you”.

What I learned this past year is that the phrase, “Giving from the heart” is the common quality that binds us together as a team.

Thanks Dad!


Submitted by Dave Dryden, Chair
SCAW Board of Directors
March, 2010

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