Our Financial Structure

Sleeping Children Around the World is a federally-incorporated not-for-profit charity [Registration # 13163 4396 RR 0001] that provides bedkits to needy children in developing countries.

Our Core Values state that Sleeping Children Around the World guarantees: "100% of bedkit donations goes to bedkits and no portion of bedkit donations goes to cover operating costs."

To ensure that 100% of bedkit donations are used to buy bedkits, funds are segregated and tracked to confirm this happens. An external audit is carried out annually which verifies this.

Organizing Structure

  Bedkit Account 1 Operating Account 2 Legacy Fund 3
Purpose Funds bedkits Pays operating expenses Generates income to transfer to operating account as needed.
Revenue Sources 97% donations
3% sales of cards/books, and interest income
95% transfers from Investment Account
5% donations
100% investment income
Tax Receipts Issued For Donations Of Cash and negotiable securities Cash Cash and negotiable securities

1) Bedkits cost $35 each. SCAW guarantees that 100% of your bedkit donation goes to the recipient child.

2) Operating expenses include items such as postage, film processing, communications, office maintenance, and other office costs.

3) Murray Dryden set up this legacy account to generate income for operating expenses.

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