Benefits of Donating Securities

Note: The Canadian Government’s recent tax changes have made it more appealing to donate publicly traded securities to your charity of choice.

A gift of securities to a registered charity like Sleeping Children Around the World is the most tax effective way to donate.

Under new rules, you may donate stocks, bonds, trust units, futures and options, as well as units/shares in mutual funds and you will pay no capital gains tax on the appreciated value. This greatly reduces your out-of-pocket expense of making such a donation.

To help you calculate your tax benefit, you can download an Excel spreadsheet we have prepared for you.

Advantages of Giving a Gift of Stock to SCAW

  • Give to your charity, Sleeping Children Around The World.
  • Offset your taxable income when you get your tax receipt.
  • Benefit from no capital gains tax on the appreciated value.
  • The savings can be substantial for you.
  • There is no minimum gift amount.
  • The gift transfer process is easy.

Donating Securities in Four Easy Steps

Securities Donation Form
  1. Download SCAW's easily-completed Transfer Form or contact us so we can provide you with the appropriate form.
  2. Complete all sections of the Transfer Form. The CUSIP # for your securities (provided by your broker/investment advisor) identifies your transaction to avoid transfer delays. Contact SCAW again to let us know you are about to make a donation of securities.
  3. Send a copy of the completed Transfer Form to your broker/investment advisor who will be responsible for the transfer.
  4. Return a copy of the completed Transfer Form to Sleeping Children Around the World, to ensure you receive your official receipt for income tax purposes. Forms can be faxed or sent by mail.

Your donation will be used to fund bedkits, unless you specify on the Transfer Form that you wish it to go to the another account listed in our Financial Structure.

If your donation is to be used for bedkits, please indicate on the Transfer Form the inscription you would like to appear on the labels in the bedkit photos.

SCAW's Donation and Investment Policy

All donated securities will be sold as soon as possible after they have been received.  The value of your donation is determined by the closing price of the security on the day Sleeping Children receives your securities into our account.  A tax receipt for this amount will be forwarded to you.

Note: Shares are considered legally transferred only when delivery is confirmed by our custodial agent.

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