SCAW Volunteers = 100% Charity

SCAW is operated by volunteers, from the processing of donations to the distribution of bedkits. Our financial structure ensures that 100% of every bedkit donation reaches a needy child. We neither receive nor request funds from any level of government.

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Administrative Volunteers

Working out of the former Dryden family home in Toronto (which has been donated to SCAW), administrative volunteers process donations, produce bedkit labels, and sort/mail bedkit photographs.

Travelling Volunteers

At their own expense and without benefit of a tax receipt, travelling volunteers go to countries to supervise the distribution of bedkits, photograph children with their bedkits, and write articles for the donor newsletter. Since SCAW ’s inception, over 200 individuals have gone as travelling volunteers on bedkit distributions.

Requisites for travelling volunteers are a love of children and travel experience (with physical and emotional capacity to withstand this form of travel.) Photography skills are an asset. Although some members may combine a distribution with a business or pleasure trip, all pay their own travel expenses.

Twice a year, SCAW offers travelling volunteer information workshops. Should you be interested in travelling with SCAW, you can apply onliine or download an application form.

Overseas Volunteers

Volunteers in the country of distribution help SCAW in many ways. They:

  • select needy children regardless of race or religion in accordance with Sleeping Children criteria,
  • organize the manufacture of bedkits,
  • choose distribution sites, and
  • help travelling volunteers distribute bedkits.

Examples of overseas volunteers include Service Clubs, Salvation Army, Religious Orders, etc.

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